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Tattoo Removal

The latest advancement in laser technology has given us the opportunity to do miracles. Laser Tattoo removal procedure is one of them. One can easily get rid of the permanent tattoos in no time without imparting damage to the skin. We offer Laser Tattoo Removal It is an advanced treatment where the cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists use the power of laser to destroy the permanent ink pigments in the skin cells and give you a fresh spotless appearance. The procedure performed perfectly by the eminent team of experts. In a nutshell, a focused laser beam is used to break the ink molecules imbibed by the skin cells. When the molecules are destroyed, the skin cells become untainted. The entire process does not even harm the individual. The slightest discomfort is dealt with using local anesthetics. The laser tattoo removal is easily accomplishable when the experts are performing the process. The number of sessions will be decided by the size of the tattoo, color and genre of the ink used, and the age of the tattoo.

Benefits of laser tattoo removal

  • Effective removal of old and new tattoos without scarring the skin.
  • Minimal recovery time from the procedure.
  • Safety is the prime concern for the experienced cosmetic surgeons handling the laser.
The process will be done within a few sessions depending on the tattoo. The minimum recovery time and the smooth procedure by the skilled professionals will give the gift of a spotless skin in no time.

We do a proper discussion with our patients looking for laser tattoo removal surgery. We check their medical history to check if they are fit for the laser treatment. Moreover, we also inform our patients about potential risks involved with the exposure of laser. We ensure that every patient is mentally and physically ready for the surgery.

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