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Arm and Thigh Lift Treatment

People often subject themselves to intense lifestyle changes, dietary modifications and strict exercise regimes for a toned and sculpted appearance but the end result may still leave them dissatisfied. Weight fluctuations and the effects of ageing can have a lasting impact on your appearance, specifically around your arms and thighs. In such instances, surgical procedures can be beneficial in giving your arms and thighs the refinement and sculptural quality you desire.

Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)
Ageing causes the skin on your upper arm to become loose, saggy and flabby. However, you might develop excess fat around your upper arms because of several other reasons too. It could be due to the natural fat distribution of your body or you might have recently undergone rapid weight loss which has left excess skin hanging around your arms.

In such cases, Brachioplasty, or an ‘arm lift’, can help rid the arms of excess fat and saggy skin surrounding the biceps. The procedure helps sculpt, reshape and redefine the contours of your arm, leaving you feeling toned, confident and youthful again. Our advanced technological facilities combined with unrivalled expertise ensure a smooth and effective procedure. As the post-operative swelling subsides and the bruises heal, which typically takes a few weeks, you can start to see the results

The finished results are long-lasting, but it is essential to maintain a healthy diet and a good exercise regime to ensure that the results are permanent.

The Thigh Lift
The appearance of loose skin and excess fat near your thigh region can be unflattering and cause serious discomfort. This is a common problem, especially if you have recently lost an excessive amount of weight, where you might have achieved your ideal weight but are still left with skin folds that are not just uncomfortable but also affect your clothing choices. Although, for some people, excess skin on the inner and outer thigh might be because of their body’s natural weight distribution or simply because of the natural process of ageing. In such cases, a thigh lift may be an appropriate procedure for you.

Depending on your body profile and surgical goals, there are different types of thigh lifts that can be performed:

  • An inner thigh lift which focuses on the skin in the lower portion of the inner thigh
  • A medial thigh lift which targets the skin on the upper part of the inner thigh
  • A bilateral thigh lift targeting the skin on the front and outside of the thigh
During the procedure, a discreet incision is made to remove excess fat and reshape the appearance of your thigh. The finished result is aimed at restoring the natural contours of your body and giving you a toned, rejuvenated and defined appearance.

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