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Breast Enlargement Treatment

Breast implants are a great option for many woman; improving your appearance and boost your self-confidence. Physically healthy women, with realistic expectations and full understanding their own motivations for wanting and the details of the procedure itself, are excellent candidates for breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation procedure involves the surgical placement of either a saline or silicone filled implant within a woman's breast. Our centre uses the latest technique of axillary incision, leaving no visible scars. The procedure will also restore the breast volume lost after weight reduction and pregnancy. In many cases, breast augmentation is also referred as augmentation mammoplasty, when the fat from other part of the body is deposited in the breast to increase its volume.

Depending on the size of the patient and implant, the incision can be placed at several locations, typically under the fold of the breast. The implant is then positioned to achieve the best cosmetic result for the patient’s specific anatomy, and closed off with sutures. The patient will be given a detailed plan post-surgery, and likely to return to all activities within 6 weeks.

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