Advanced Safety Procedure With Affordable Pricing
Cheek Augmentation Treatment

Fillers are a simple and extremely effective in enhancing your appearance. Either to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or restore volume, injectable fillers can make a dramatic impact in restoring your youthful beauty.

The fillers are very often used to correct mid face lift, tear trough corrections, aging lines, nasolabial fold corrections and under eye groove corrections.

Several different types of fillers are available, including Hyaluronic Acid, Poly-Lactic Acid, Microscopic Beads, and Collagen. Each filler has a specific function, to either fill and plump, or smooth and soften; minimizing deep wrinkles and restoring the skin’s surface.

At Sriroop, it is preferred to use only the WORLDS BEST-RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM FILLERS. These are long lasting, safest and acceptable to every human body.

The procedure, while extremely quick, is equally specialized to maximize your desired results. Please call Dr. G. Rajasekhar/SNL today for your initial consultation and gain back your youthful beauty.

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