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Best Hair Transplantation Treatment

A healthy lustrous hair gives a beautiful appearance to both men and women. A healthy hair changes the appearance and brings self confidence. What if you hair becomes thin or turn bald. It could be an embarrassing situation, especially if you are young and unmarried. Every 3 out of 5 men face hair loss problem due to many reasons. This problem is not restricted to men. Even women are facing this problem. People of young age of both men and women are facing this problem. Reasons for hair loss could be as follows:

1. Vitamins deficiency 2. Stress 3. Lack of sleep 4. Smoking
5. Alcohol 6. Dandruff 7. Harmonal causes 8. No timely food

The above reasons may lead to the hair fall, hair thinning and also bald. There are many treatments available for hair which starts from medical management in a initial level to hair transplantation to the final level. In our centre we do hair transplantation with latest techniques. In that we do MMADHI technique (Micro, Modified, Advanced, Direct Hair Implantation) in this technique we use a micro punch and give 2- 4 hairs per graft and each graft will be harvested very closely that it appears very natural after the complete hair growth is done. We normally harvest the hair from the back side of hair. That area of hair is called a permanent hair zone. So, there will be no hair fall after hair transplantation. There are many people who doesn’t have sufficient hair in their donor area. Then what if they don’t have enough hair. How can they get the hair transplantation done? We have a solution for them too. We harvest hair from beard and body hair as well. This will help many patients to get thick volumized hair transplantation done. Apart from hair transplantation on scalp, people are now facing problem with beard and moustache growth as well. For few the growth is not proper and for few accidental scars will make them feel low. We also have a good solution for them. We also do hair transplantation for moustache and beard. We do this process microscopically, where we use a very minute punch and follow a perfect direction of hair and thus results a perfect shape and volume to moustache and beard. Similar process can be done to eyebrows as well. Those who have very thin eyebrows or those who have gaps in between the eyebrows can also go for this process to get a thick and well shaped eyebrows.

Hair transplantation is a highly-specialized minor surgical procedure for both men and women that permanently re-distribute living and growing hair follicles into areas of hair loss. Hair follicles, harvested from the back of the head with the latest and finest No cut, No scar, No bleed, can be transplanted into other areas of the scalp (hairline, temples, top, crown, scars, etc.) or other areas of the body (face, eyebrow, eyelash, chest, pubic region, etc.) where hair is needed or desired.

Transplanted hairs remain generally unaffected by the hair loss process in the balding areas. Whether from trauma (injury or surgery), hair pulling, or hereditary hair loss, hair transplantation procedures can restore beauty and confidence, psychologically, physically, and emotionally.

The Hair Transplantation method allows for natural and long lasting results. Transplanted hair resembles your original hair’s look and feel, while allowing normal growth following the procedure. It is the most effective solution for combatting hair loss, restoring your hair and overall appearance to youthful and healthy state.

Hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure that is usually performed using local anesthesia. The procedure, which is both technically and artistically demanding, is performed by a cohesive team, which includes the physician /surgeon and usually eight to nine highly-trained microsurgical technicians and nurses. Permanent hair follicles are harvested from the back of the head (donor area) using MMADHI (Modified Micro Advanced Direct Hair implantation) technology, with help of a semi-automatic machine (0.7, 0.8) mm pricks are made into the scalp and hair is transplanted into the thinning or balding area using micro grafts which typically contain two, three or four hair follicles each very closely than in other technique, producing high volumised results.

Sriroop Special technique in Hair transplantation:
We do hair transplantation with latest MMADHI - Modified Micro Advanced Direct Hair implantation) technology. Where this technique is practiced only by very few Doctors in India and out of which Dr. Rajasekhar is one among them. This technique has no side effects and an absolutely safe technique. This is a permanent, safe and latest hair treatment. Once the hair growth is completed you can go for hair cut or you can even shave your head completely. The hair will grow normally.

Pre Operation:
Prior to operation wash hair with provided surgical soap the night before the operation and morning of the surgery, and abstain from use of any other oils, lotions, soaps, or cosmetics. Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs (such as asprin or ibuprofen) for 14 days prior to surgery, and alert the doctor of any other prescription medicines you take beforehand.

Post Operation:
Complete cosmetic recovery of the skin usually takes one to two weeks. The surgical areas may remain tender to the touch for 4 to 5 days. Following surgery, please avoid use of hair oils, gels, sprays for 2 weeks. Medicated hair wash will be provided to you on 4th day after the surgery by our specialized staff. Please also avoid use of helmets, hats, t-shirts, or any garments that might rub against the healing scalp during the 2 weeks following surgery. Button down shirts are recommended during this time. Hair growth from the procedure starts at 12 - 16 weeks and typically takes a full 8 - 12 months to reach the 'final' cosmetic result.

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