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Breast Lift Treatment (Surgical and with threads)

Breasts lift also known as Mastopexy. A breast lift procedure may also be performed in combination with a breast augmentation procedure for women who are suffering from sagging and dropping breast. The surgical procedure involves removing the excess glandular tissues to maintain the projection and roundness of the breast. Breast lift surgery is about raising the breasts level and size by extracting some fat and excess skin. Nearly every 2 out of 5 women undergo breast lift surgery. In many cases, women face issues with areola becoming enlarged over time, so undergoing the breast lift is the right way to get the result. Undergoing breast lift surgery from a reputed surgeon will help in rejuvenating your figure in all sense, and also will give you a youthful look. The finesses and firmness which your busts get after surgery will certainly work for long term. However, breast lift surgery limits itself from significantly changing the size of your breasts and upper part of your body.

Breast lift can also be done in a non- surgical way by using threads. In this process the threads will be passed through skin and pulled towards upper side to achieve a tight and youthful look. Here in this procedure, two types of threads are used. One type of thread helps in strongly hold the breast to raise from the sagged position and the other type of thread will completely make the breast look firmer by lifting the breast. This way a complete desired look will be possible through this procedure. This treatment is ideal for women with little to moderate drooping of breasts.

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