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Facial Hyal Theraphy Treatment

Hyal therapy consists of fillers made of Hyaluronic Acid, the same properties present in the skin. The injections made aim to increase the levels of HA present in the skin, thus smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, restoring any of elasticity, and increasing antioxidant action in the skin. Additionally, Hyal therapy is one of the best methods to increase skin hydration and glow. Results are long lasting and certain to provide you with a renewed sense of beauty and overall self-confidence. So, anyone who wants to maintain a healthy, soft and glowing skin all through the year can get this treatment done. Every type of skin, treatment recommended for persons over 30 years of age, skin with clearly delineated wrinkles, dry skin with symptoms of loss of firmness and elasticity, sensitive skin, skin showing signs of aging

Now a days, HYAL theraphy is one of the most common cosmetic treatment done by both men and women to treat fine wrinkles, to improve the glow and brightness in the skin very well notible after 7-10 days after the procedure. It is very well preferred from people who are 30 years of age onwards to look ever younger with out any side effects or complications.


Intense and long-lasting hydration, improved natural contour of the face, smoothing of superficial wrinkles, increased skin elasticity and firmness, smoothed skin, radiant and visibly rejuvenated skin, improvement of the structure and appearance of the skin

Treatment for face, neck and wrinkling of the hands and fingers . The suggested regimen in once in a year.

In Sriroop we are strongly commited in using the best and top of the line products like Restylane vital or Juvedrm, ready to use hydrolonic acid in stabilized form as 20ml/gm for 1 ml which is intended to restore akins hydro balance, improve structure and elasticity of the skin and tighter, more younger looking, brighter, healthier and shining skin. 1 ml syringe for complete face, injected painlessly at hypo dermis plain, this procedure can be repeated yearly once as its effect last for one year for a one time procedure usually patients love to repeat this to avoid wrinkles and pores and beautiful skin.

1. 1ml of 20mg/ml Restylane vital.
2. Electroporation- post procedure for better efficacy.
3. Sterile guaze.
4. Normal saline.

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