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Anti-Ageing Treatment

Ageing is seen in every person after they cross the age of thirty. Signs of ageing are fine lines, dullness in skin, loss of firmness in skin, drooping eyebrows, dark spots, wrinkles, loss of glow on face. What are the reasons for all these signs in our appearance and what treatments are available to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Treatments available for maintaining healthy & glowing skin are:
1. Hyal therapy: Hyal therapy is a treatment that is done once in a year. The benefits of this treatment are, Hyaluronic acid gel makes your skin softer and glowing. Replaces the collagen & Elastin strength.

2. Thread lift: This treatment is used when the cheeks or jaw line droops. Threads lift the drooping cheeks and jawline and give a young look. This is a long lasting procedure.

While everyone desires youthful and healthy skin, the ageing process is imminent. As the years pass, our skin is the first to show signs of decline. The flush of radiance in your skin and its silky-smooth texture fades over time and dullness and imperfections begin to set in, making one look older.

To maintain youthful and luminous skin, it is necessary to understand the ageing process and recognise signs of ageing

Ageing can be of two types:

Natural ageing: in which specific gene combinations and family history influences the process of ageing and slows down our skin’s regenerating capacity.

Extrinsic ageing: which can be linked to environmental stressors like pollutants, air quality index, higher stress levels, imbalanced diet and tobacco consumption. Sun exposure is widely considered as one of the main causes of visible ageing as exposure to harmful UV light destroys the skin’s elastin and promotes early onset of wrinkles.

The Ageing process

Skin ageing can begin as early as in the 20s and gradually become more noticeable over time. While ageing is most apparent on the surface it affects every layer of the skin

Epidermal layers
Due to our body’s biological clock, the skin’s epidermal layers become increasingly sensitive to sun exposure, which studies estimate, contributes to 80% of the signs of visible ageing. The skin also starts to lose its hyaluronic acid (HA) content (which retains skin moisture) leading to loss of firmness in the skin and an overall dull appearance. Other signs of ageing in the epidermal layer are onset by lower cell turnover and reduction in sebum production on the skin’s surface which result in a rough texture and overall dryness of the skin.

Dermal layers
Studies also show that, collagen, one of the skin’s building blocks, decreases by 1% each year as we age. This, coupled with a decline in elastin, affects the dermal tissue. The skin’s healthy structure is compromised and wrinkles and fine lines start to intensify. A decline in micro-circulation reduces the efficiency of the delivery of nutrition and oxygen to the surface, causing the skin to lose its youthful radiance.

Subdermal layers
In the adipose layer, ageing contributes to a reduction in the lipid-storing cells which gives the skin a sagging appearance, hollowed cheeks and a lessened volume in the contours of the face.

Signs of Ageing

Dark Spots
Age spots are small dark areas of varying size on the skin. They usually appear on the face, arms, shoulders, hands or other areas which are most frequently exposed to the sun for prolonged time periods. Upon exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays, overactive pigment cells accelerate the skin’s melanin production causing age spots in areas of the skin where melanin is produced in high concentrations.

Lines & Wrinkles
A loss in moisture, elastin, and collagen causes wrinkles to surface, particularly around areas of the eyes and the mouth which worsen over time due to sun exposure.

Sagging Skin
As we age, lesser elastin and collagen levels cause the skin to lose its strength and firmness making it more likely to sag.

Ageing also rids the skin of its moisture retaining capacity making it appear dry and dull.

As we get older, the skin renewal rate decreases gradually and dead skin cells start to build up and compromise the skin’s youthful lustre. Studies estimate that skin renewal decreases around 7% every 10 years which leaves the skin looking dull and lifeless.

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