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Breast Reduction Treatment

Women with very large, sagging breasts tend to have neck, back, and shoulder pain, and can find relief in breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction ranks among the highest in patient satisfaction, as it has ability to improve overall life quality; releasing pain and self-consciousness at once. Additionally, many find increased ability to exercise and to wear a larger variety of fitted clothing, ultimately resulting in increased confidence and appearance.

Patients of almost any age may have breast reduction surgery; however, most surgeons recommend that patients wait until after their breasts have fully developed.

During breast reduction surgery, fatty tissue, glandular tissue and excess skin are removed through an axillary incision, leaving minimal to no scarring. Careful combinations of techniques (liposuction, ant-cellulite injections, and mammoplasty) are used to emphasize ideal shape for the individual patient. Removing these elements, the breasts are pulled tighter, making them lighter, smaller and firmer.

Breast reduction surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia and usually takes between 2-4 hours to complete. After surgery, you will be wrapped in an elastic bandage or surgical bra over gauze for 2-3 days. After the gauze is taken out, surgical bra should be worn for 8-10 weeks to get the complete result.

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