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Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair re-growth is possible with different treatments and medical management depending upon the person hair loss. The patient is first examined by the Doctor and after few investigation are suggested depending on their age and other health issues. Based on their health investigations, the treatment will be decided by the Doctor. And further the person may go only with medical management, or procedure with medical management, or hair transplantion + procedure+ medical management. Whatever the procedure the Doctor decides, the results will be guaranteed. We do suggest healthy diet and hair exercises that will help in hair re-growth. Apart from treatment, we also suggest you the maintenance after the treatment. This will help you in re-growth even after the treatment is done.

Hair Growth Factors + PRP + Hair Stem Cell Therapy is a less invasive option to treat acute hair loss, hair thickness, initial phases of balden and female pattern baldness. It involves combination of hair growth factors, plasma separated from individuals blood and steamcell which are applied over the scalp and managed with a special device called Electroporation.

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