Most Safety with No Side Effects
Lip Reduction Treatment

Lip reduction surgery is a quick and easy procedure to reduce and shape overly large lips. While full lips are desired by many, indicative of youth and sensuality, overly large or misshaped lips have the potential to distract from one’s natural beauty. Whether from genetics or prior surgery, asymmetric, disproportionate, or just overly plump lips can easily be slimmed and contoured to the most flattering size and shape for your face.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or with mild sedation and takes less than an hour to perform. Invisible, absorbable sutures mend the tiny incisions made to the inside of the lip, so no visible scarring will occur. While the lips may be swollen for a few days, you will see results of the procedure as soon as the swelling dissipates; uncovering slim, proportionate, and beautiful lips.

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