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Skin Tightening Treatment

Our skin is vulnerable to an array of damaging substances, be it pollutants, UV rays, chemicals and smoke, or simply the natural ageing process. Over time, this causes the skin to lose its definition and appear dry and saggy. Skin tightening can help combat this, redefine your contours and bring facial dimension into new focus.

Why does our Skin Sag?
Sagging skin can primarily be linked to the gradual loss of collagen and elastin in our skin as we age. As the amount of collagen reduces, the skin loses its elasticity and starts to appear droopy and exhausted. However, extrinsic factors such as sun exposure and harsh chemicals also break down the skin’s collagen and elastin levels. Apart from this, pregnancy and rapid weight loss can also leave excess skin and create a saggy appearance.

The most common signs of sagging you might have noticed include:

  • Prominence of the Nasolabial Fold
    This is where the indentation lines along the sides of your mouth appear to be more prominent
  • The Turkey Neck
    The Turkey Neck is a common sign of ageing where the skin around your neck region loses its elasticity over time and starts to sag
  • Jowl formation
    Ageing causes saggy or excess skin to pool below the jawline and worsens over time due to the effects of gravity
By dealing with these skin problems on a case-by-case basis, we ensure that our treatment reflects your unique needs and cosmetic goals, resulting in a long-lasting post-operative solution with the promise of lifted, sculpted and youthful looking skin.