Stem Cell Therapy Treatment

Stem cell therapy is a procedure done for hair loss and hair re-growth. This treatment is done for both men and women who are facing heavy hair fall. This treatment is done with the combination of stem cell + PRP+ Hair growth factors. This treatment will be for 45 minutes and during this process the medicines used for hair growth gets deep into the root and activate the hair growth. Blood circulates well, fasten the re- growth and stops hair fall. Results are seen after completion of few sessions. Initially the first change you observe is the hair fall stops and then the existing hair becomes strong and the gaps that are between the hair is filled. The growth starts slowly and end up with full volumized hair without gaps in between. We also suggest a healthy diet and hair exercises to continue with the medical management and even after that for a healthier hair growth. This treatment does not have any side effect.

Hair stem cell therapy is a less invasive option to Hair Transplantation Surgery, and recommended for clients with just partial hair loss. Stem Cell Therapy, quite simply, involves harvesting stem cells from your own blood and injected into the area of hair loss.

This method has proved most effective, as your body is responsive to your own cells, as opposed to that of a donor. While relatively new and cutting edge, the procedure is regarded as highly effective and safe option for hair loss.

Hair re-growth is possible with different treatments and medical management depending upon the person hair loss. The patient is first examined by the Doctor and after few investigation are suggested depending on their age and other health issues. Based on their health investigations, the treatment will be decided by the Doctor. And further the person may go only with medical management, or procedure with medical management, or hair transplantion + procedure+ medical management. Whatever the procedure the Doctor decides, the results will be guaranteed. We do suggest healthy diet and hair exercises that will help in hair re-growth. Apart from treatment, we also suggest you the maintenance after the treatment. This will help you in re-growth even after the treatment is done.

Scientists are extremely excited about the potential applications, from cosmetic surgery to aide in cancer research, which stem cell therapy provides. Lighting the way to a bright future in surgery and restoring your natural and beautiful appearance, contact SNL today to see if Hair Stem Cell Therapy is right for you!

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